Thursday, October 4, 2012

"The Mom Stays in the Picture"

I just wanted to pass along this wonderfully written article from another Mom who wrote some words that resonated with me.  Anyone who has had a baby knows that your body goes through some crazy changes during pregnancy.  It has been difficult at times for me to look in the mirror to discover my body changed so much in order to bring our daughter in to this world.  I am not ashamed of how I look, but I am hard on myself when my postpartum pictures are concerned.  No longer will I be because I know how much I treasure the few pictures I have of my family growing up.  I want that for my daughter as well.  Thank you, Allison Tate, for writing such a beautiful article!

Read Allison's article here:

P.S.  Grab some tissues before you read this one!

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