Thursday, August 9, 2012

A change of tile

Since moving in to our new home a few weeks ago we have made some minor improvements.  The walls are painted in four of the rooms and we've installed blinds and/or curtains. We had bought a few tile samples to put up a back splash in our kitchen.  Hung them.  Stared at them.  Debated about them.  Then, finally chose one of them.

We thought we'd get fancy and were planning on using small 1/2 inch tiles to "frame" the larger 2 inch tiles we chose.  Thankfully those tiny tiles were on clearance so we bought as many as we'd need just in case those were the ones we picked (we could always return them later if we changed our minds).  The day had come to go get the supplies along with the rest of the tiles.

Now, I'm a fairly easily excited person so to me this was really exciting!  We head on out to our local Lowe's with the intent to spend some dough.  Of course, when we get to the isle we find that they don't have enough stock for our needs.  I find a very helpful lady who tells us to check out the next closest store for the rest.  We bought what we had found already.  Put the baby and our selves back in the truck and drove on over.

As we are getting closer to the shelf where our chosen tiles are I start seeing yellow.  For anyone who shops at Lowe's often you know this means CLEARANCE.  For anyone who doesn't you just learned something : )  I can't help but wander over.  The tiles are the exact size, shape and design we are planning on purchasing - just a different color spectrum.  I show my husband.  He is leery at first but when I point out that we could purchase the tiles needed for the back splash, the supplies and enough tiles to do the entire floor for the same price he starts to reconsider.  The major difference here is that the original selection is a soft beigey, peachy, greyish color while the new found ones have quite a bit of blue in them.  After another minute and some quick math we load up one of those monster carts then head to the checkout. 

I can't believe the amazing deal we are got on these tiles!  We saved over 80%!  We'll save even more on installation since my handsome Hubby is going to be tackling this project.

We get home, unload, put the babe to bed then discuss a timeline.  We decided it would be best not to wait too long (me because I'd want it done before our little lady starts walking, him because he loves new projects) so we are planning on completing the installation by the end of the week.  Well, last night my Husband decided to start peeling up the current floor (which is vinyl).  What a mess that is going to be!  And what a lot of work, too!  Though it's going to be quite a bit of elbow grease for him, I know it is going to look outstanding when it is complete!

What home improvement projects are you working/planning on? 

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