Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Roley Poley Oley!

We have hit a major milestone for our little lady these past few days!  She is rolling over fully - back to front then front to back - and moving her little self all over the place!  It is so fascinating to watch her as she tumbles across the floor.  She hasn't yet figured out how to make herself go in the direction she wants so there is usually a meltdown at some point, like when she sees her toy and she just keeps getting further and further away. 

A few weeks ago I was with some other Moms doing what Moms do when they all have little ones to watch over.  One of the children there was the same age as our daughter, only a couple of days older.  I came home almost in tears because of the things that baby girl could do.  Now, I know that all babies develop at different rates.  All babies will have things that they do ahead of schedule and behind schedule.  The milestones are just an average.  I know this.  But I was still as upset as a Mom could be that our little one was no where near as advanced as that other beautiful little girl.  Of course my Husband (being the sweet man that he is) reassured me over and over again that our daughter is perfect and developing just like she should.  I knew he was right.  I knew that!  I knew how many skills she had mastered up to this point.  I knew how hard she was trying to move on to the next one.  But, I was still upset.  Well, not anymore because there is no stopping her rolling all over the house!

I am very much looking forward to what is coming next.  She is already pushing herself up to stand when we're holding her.  And just yesterday she started to fall forward when I was holding her between my legs.  She reached out an stopped herself by putting her hands on her legs.  She sat there for another minute or so, fully supporting herself!  She's so strong and healthy!  It makes me a very, very proud Momma!!

What has your little one accomplished recently?  What was the most amazing accomplishment for you to watch your little one do?

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