Monday, July 16, 2012

And so it begins...

A year ago my husband and I left the island of O'ahu in Hawai'i on a trek across the country to our new home in Chesapeake, VA (my husband is in the Navy).  We shipped my car and flew in to Seattle, WA where we started our journey.  Along the winding road we stopped at many interesting and exciting places (including several National Parks, my favorites being Yosemite and Arches).  We spent a few days with an amazing hostess in St. Louis, MO.  Then headed off to reconnect with family that we hadn't seen for far too long in Ohio, New York and South Carolina.  During our travels we discovered some exciting news - we were expecting!  When we got to Chesapeake it was a whirlwind search to find a place to put our things.   We attempted to settle in, but really didn't unpack much since we both wanted to move again in the not to distant future in to a single family home.  After a scare at 24 weeks of the pregnancy and some really boring bed rest we welcomed our daughter (right on time) in February.  Then the job of transforming in to parents began.  Of course, we are still working on that every day and intend to for the long haul!  As if all of this wasn't enough excitement for the last year we decided to go ahead and start looking for a house.  We hunted vigorously for the perfect home but, like most first time home buyers, ended up moving forward on a place that fit almost all of our requirements.  Today we will do the walk through of our new home.  What an amazing and exciting day this is going to be!  Neither of us can wait to make a place our own : ) 

Do you have any moving stories or tips to share?

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