Monday, July 30, 2012

To sun or not to sun

Our daughter is 5 months old.  At our most recent check-up with her pediatrician he said we could go ahead and start using sunscreen if we were going to be outside.  Living in a place where it gets hot has kept us indoors most days this summer.  However, our new home came with a pool and I am not one to sit and look at the pool from inside the house.  I want to be in it!  So, I lather myself and baby up with sunscreen.  Put on our swimsuits (and her hat) and off we go. 

This simple act has become topic of debate in our home because the sun is shining when we go outside to swim.  Mind you, the baby is wearing a full bathing suit.  Covered in SPF 50.  Plus wearing a sunhat that covers her entire head.  The only exposed parts are arms and legs.  We are in the pool no more than 30-45 minutes.  Then we dry off on a towel in the shade for a few minutes before coming back inside.

Our daughter loves to be outdoors!  She would stay outside all day if possible.  She loves to look at the trees and plants.  I wish we could have her out more often, but it's just too hot right now.  We do take a walk every night (all 3 of us) before her bath time.  This gives her another chance to be outside with her father and I.  They aren't long walks, but she enjoys them so very much.  It's funny how someone so small knows what she likes : )

What are your thoughts and feelings on taking little ones outdoors in the summer?  Do those thoughts change when it gets cold out?  Please share!

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