Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So many colors!

I attended college over ten years to obtain my bachelor's degree in Studio Art, so when we actually started looking for our first home all I could think about was what I could do with the place to make it bright and colorful!  Of course my husband and I discussed at length the colors that would be going in to our new home, but actually deciding on one that we both liked was tougher than I imagined.  The final choices are: 

Living Room - flat blue walls with high gloss stripes of the same color 
Master Bedroom - medium grey that favors purple
Master Bath - medium purple
Nursery - very light green

Pictures will follow once we are finished!

Have you done any outrageous wall colors or patterns?  Please, share your experiences or tips!

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  1. I think the WORST thing that I ever tried was the DIY molding. They came out terrible, but it was something that my ex came home to laugh about.. we made something dif from them however. We used the design from them and traced them on the stairs and i hand painted each stair with the design. I'm also a HUGE fan of stripes! In the bathroom we did a dark navy blue on the top in flat/glossy stripes... the bottom was a nice wood we painted white to bring some brightness into the bathroom. We had a small staircase so I used a light canary yellow for thick stripes, and white for thin stipes.. it made the stair case seem bigger and brighter! :) I LOVE DECORATING! Happy decorating, and I can't wait to see your photos!!!