Monday, July 23, 2012

Shhhhh....don't wake the baby!

After about a month and 3 weeks of very busy scheduling our daughter is as ready for a break as we are!  Between traveling home to Northeast Ohio from Virginia and back again, getting the new house move-in ready, getting the apartment move-out ready and missing all of the people she met last month she is one tuckered out little lady!  Her nap schedule has been pretty bad for the most part  (and I worked very hard to get her on a great sleep and nap schedule prior to our trip home).  Last night our normally stupendous night time sleeper seemed to not make it in to a deep sleep at all, which meant my Husband and I did not sleep well either.  This morning she only took two 15 minute naps instead of her normal hour.  However, I did get some solace when I finally got her down for her used-to-be-normal nap time.  Though this one may not last as long as they used to, she has been out for two hours and sleeping very soundly.  For all of our sakes I hope that this is the start of getting her back on to a good nap and sleep schedule.

What tricks have you used to keep up that napping schedule when you have to be out of the house?

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