Thursday, July 26, 2012


Watching the movers put all of our belongings in to boxes is nothing new to us.  We've both moved many times.  As a military family we have moved twice across an ocean. We figured moving right down the street would be easy peasy!  Not so much.  We did take some considerations and moved our very sentimental or valuable stuff ourselves to save our worries.  However, most of our things were packed and moved by hired movers.  There were some things damaged and broken, which irritates me, but I feel that is what we get for not doing it ALL by ourselves.  Though with a small baby it seemed like an impossible task for the two of us!

Now the process of unpacking has begun.  Some parts of the house have been easy such as the kitchen and bathrooms.  Our room wasn't too tough either, just debating over who gets what part of the closet.  The nursery has taken me some time.  I believe this is because of the vision I have in my head of what it should look like (cue nesting instinct).  It will get there, it's just slower than the rest.  The other room that will likely pose a hitch is the office.  Up until this point we have either sat on the floor or at the $50 desk.  Now we have a whole room to dedicate to a desk and maybe some bookshelves for all of the books I've held on to over the years (not to mention my pottery and artwork) or a seating area.  The possibilities are endless and intimidating!

As I take our belongings out of the boxes, or watch my husband put our dishes in the cupboards, I can honestly say I am flooded with so many memories.  Good ones.  Bad ones.  New ones and old.  It is very humbling to know that so many unforgettable times were created around the objects we have obtained through the years.  What is quite exciting though is to think ahead to the future and what wonderful memories we will be creating while we grow as a family in our new home! 

Do you have a particular object in your home that triggers a very strong memory?   What is it?

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